The Edible Hedge

Springtime is the land awakening

Our decision to create an edible hedge in the river garden was driven by our commitment to promoting a healthy ecosystem and supporting local wildlife. Edible hedges provide an array of benefits to our natural surroundings. In addition to providing shelter for a diverse range of species, they also bear flowers that attract crucial pollinators such as bees, wasps, and butterflies.


The leaves of the hedge serve as a food source for caterpillars, which in turn are consumed by birds and small mammals. The fruits produced by the hedge are also a valuable food source for wildlife, including larger animals such as stoats, foxes, and owls.

By planting a wide range of plant species, we are able to create a thriving ecosystem that supports a natural and healthy food chain. The different varieties within the hedge attract a wide range of insects, which provide ample food for small animals such as frogs, bats, and mice. These animals, in turn, serve as a food source for larger animals, creating a self-sustaining ecosystem.

Our edible hedge includes a variety of species such as wild cherry, privet, dogwood, Rosa rugosa, and sea buckthorn. Each species serves a unique purpose in supporting local wildlife and promoting a healthy ecosystem. We are proud to have created such a valuable resource for the natural world and look forward to watching it thrive in the years to come.

Lee & Rob

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